'Normal' 3d film #2

2013-01-07 01:41:54 by Black-Crystal

A art direction test for'Normal'. Is trying to achieve a painting style look without looking too much like 3D.

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'Normal' 3d film #2


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2013-01-07 13:26:02

Ethereal and haunting.

Black-Crystal responds:

At first glance, it might seen so. But it is not a horror genre. It's fantasy and adventure.


2013-01-08 21:32:20

It looks pretty computery to me. I think you need to work on how high-contrast and hard-edged it is.

Just my $0.02 from looking at this tiny snapshot though. :3

Black-Crystal responds:

yup, i am still working on it to get it right. May not be going for the painting look, who knows..