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'There Is No Tomorrow' is a action survival game coming on Steam and other web stores. Development for PS4/Xbox one may follow after the release on PC.

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It's being under development for more than a year. Still has lots of work to be done. Release date is still unknown,  hopefully by the end of this year.

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'There Is No Tomorrow' game

2018-03-08 08:02:22 by Black-Crystal


“There Is No Tomorrow”, a indie Stealth and Adventure game coming out on Steam this year. Been working on it for more than a year along with other smaller game projects.

Previously it was named as “Anti-cast” but feel that the title doesn’t seem quite attractive enough. The story changes in the midst of production in order to have the story finished in this game instead of having a sequel but a sequel may happen if the game do well. I already have some ideas for the sequel.

Recently the game was featured on the front page on Gamejolt, one of the biggest indie game websites. In a week, my followers increases from 80 to 190. Very thankful to Gamejolt.



Being in development for over a year is not what I expected this project will take. The reasons is because that I constantly strive to make it look and play better. The funny thing about game development is that there are bugs constantly appearing out of nowhere and I have to keep fixing them.

So far, it is coming along nicely, the graphic is somewhat near to what I envisioned. The gameplay is there but needs balancing.

Yeah, it might take some more time before I can release it but I am working on some smaller games that will release earlier.

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Happy new year...SOON! 2017 will be a hopeful year :)

Been having fun with my new project which is a game for PC only.


Leon enters into the mysterious world known as Aura to save a girl, Sara.


It was originally a flash game several years back and it found some success. Today I am remaking it into a full 3d adventure game.

A playable free demo is already online! Download and Play!

Download on


Screenshots from game




If you are doing gameplay video walkthrough. feel free to record and play!

Please do leave any feedback!


Visit Anti-Cast Website


Released the final episode of the Hellami Series. Originally, I planned for 9 episodes but i decided to stop the production of the series because it is not as 'successful' as I wish it to be. The success depends on the views, followers/subscribers and my patron donations. In the end, the result is underwhelming.

But I did not regret making this series since it is part of my dream to make a animated series even though it is a incomplete one.


Thank you all who watched and followed the series!

Goodbye Hellami~

So what's next?!

I am working on a game project right now and expecting to release a demo in December this year. Stay tuned..

Hellami need your Support!

2016-09-03 06:59:05 by Black-Crystal

Hi there, I have a Patreon page where you can support me to continue making more animations such as the Hellami Series and other future projects. Supporters can get access to work in progress videos/ images as well as early peek into my projects & downloads.

Only a $1, you can get access to all of it!

You can head to my Patreon Page to know more >



Hellami Episode 4 "Followers" will be releasing on September 16th which is coming very soon..

If you haven't catch the first 3 episodes, you can do so on either my Newgrounds playlist movies or on my Youtube Channel.

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Hellami Episode 4 now!

2016-08-17 09:42:35 by Black-Crystal


Hellami Episode 3 has just been released yesterday and today it has gotten the daily 2nd place award! Thanks to all that make it happen :)

For those that didn't know, I have a Patreon account where you can support me and the Hellami series through donations. Supporters are able to watch Hellami Episode 4 now without waiting for next month.

Even a dollar donation will make a difference!!


Check out the Preview for Episode 3 that's coming out on the 16th this month!

What is Hellami?

It is a Dark/Action web animated series created by CHOO5D Productions. The plot revolves around a mystery disease that turns humans into monsters. Currently this series is created by one person with the help of the voice actors/actresses and composer.

More on the Hellami Series can be find on my website.

Episode 1 & 2 has already been released online.

Episode 1 on Youtube

Episode 2 on Youtube

How to Support the Series & the Creator?

If you wish to donate, you can go to my Patreon page and pledge for one of the 3 rewards. Patrons get to have their names listed on my website and movie credits.


Hellami Special Short "Duo" introducing 2 characters 'Shawn' & 'Ailsa'.


Watch it now below & remember to Vote!

This will perhaps be the last Hellami Special. The next ones will be the full episodes which is Episode 3 "Bloodied" releasing on August 16th.

If you enjoy this series, why not support the series on my Patreon? Supporters are able to get rewards such as the early viewing of the next episode and as well as the videos download.

My Patreon page -

Please enjoy the Hellami Series, more will be coming soon!


P.S If you have any questions, just leave a comment below.

Hellami Animated Series Episode 2 has just been released on NG & YT.

Watch it now!

Patreon Supporters are able to catch the 3rd episode "Bloodied". Just head to my Patreon Page and choose one of the rewards.

My Patreon Supporters^


  • J.P. Turcotte
  • Philip Joyner

Big Thanks to my 2 patrons that are supporting the series!




So what's next?

Next week, a Hellami Special #2 will be releasing on both NG and YT.

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My Patreon, Hellami Special, Ep.2 release date.

2016-07-09 08:59:53 by Black-Crystal

A few weeks ago, I got my first Patron, Philip Joyner. Big thanks for his $1 support!! :D

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Some time ago, a Hellami Special Short  was released. Featuring new character 'Becky'. Watch it right here on Newgrounds if you haven't yet.

And Today, the Preview of Episode 2.

The release date of Episode 2 full is on July 16th this month. But you can watch it right now by becoming my patrons.

So far, 2016 is the year which I had released alot of videos online..more is coming soon in the second half of this year.